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Nancy M Landis

Portraits & Other Stuff
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How to order a custom-created artwork
I would be happy to paint for you!  If you like the Old World fun of a Renaissance-style portrait, or want a favorite scene captured on canvas, we will work together to make that happen. 
  Once we have chosen the subject and worked out some details, I will approve sketches with you prior to proceeding to the canvas.  Satisfaction is guaranteed on all artwork. No computers are used in the creation of these pieces. Contact Me.
Pet Portraits done in oils help honor your pet at the level they deserve.  Meet (in order) King Beau, Prince of Mice Cougar Kitty,  Jaques the "Angel" (not), Kira the Ground-hogging Queen, and Odelisque.
And here are some odds and ends of other things I have done.  Thank you for looking!